Who Founded the CIA?

It was Franklin Roosevelt. He founded the CIA in June of 1942. It was called the OSS back then – short for Office of Strategic Services- but it was the same organization.    Everyone who was anyone in the early years of the CIA – Frank Wisner, Sidney Gottlieb, James Angleton, Richard Helms, William Colby – all of them were in the OSS.

The OSS was ‘disbanded’ in September of 1945, but this was bullshit. They merely changed the name to the Strategic Services Unit, then after a while it was changed again to the Central Intelligence Group, and then finally to the CIA in September 1947.

The Soviet intelligence apparatus was repeatedly renamed during the same time frame. The NKVD became the MVD in 1946, and was then renamed the KGB in 1954. Just as with the OSS/CIA the name change was the only change.


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